Nikon must have felt pretty smug about being the first to introduce a DSLR with HD video capturing. But the D90 has had its grin wiped off its face by the next generation of Canon’s popular EOS 5D.

Wallet basher

Okay, the Mark II is about three times more expensive than the D90, but it’s such an impressive bit of kit even without the full 1080p video capture we think it’s worth the money.

For your sizeable bunch of notes, you’ll get a 21.1MP CMOS sensor, 3in live view screen, an ultra-wide angle and a fish eye lens with 3.9fps burst shooting and 15 point autofocus. Of course, RAW mode comes as standard for incredibly detailed prints so you’ll want to invest in that terabyte hard drive.

Night vision

For the paparazzi, there’s also ISO up to 25,600 for scandalous shots in gloomy night clubs to go with your HD video. Clips can be captured up to 4GB and are saved in the MOV format for YouTube-drubbing quality.

Looks like it’s time to trade in your handycam as well as your DSLR for the all-singing, all-dancing Canon EOD 5D Mk II. Lord knows you’ll need the money.


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Canon EOS 5D Mark II review

Canon’s EOS 5D Mk II certainly isn’t cheap, but for serious snappers it's the gold standard