There’s more to golf then just whacking a ball around a course and trying to get it into a tiny hole. The sport is full of complex tech, with manufacturers constantly striving to make golf balls and clubs that will hit ball straighter and further than the competition.

The latest craze has seen traditional golf club design go out of the window – the square driver has arrived. Nike’s Sumo2  was one of the first such clubs to hit the market, and now Callaway’s FT-i has joined it on the range.

Sounds as weird as it looks

There’s no doubt the FT-i is a strange looking chap. If you hadn’t played the game before you’d swear it looks like a novelty club. So, if you’re used to wielding a more conventional driver then the shape could be a bit off-putting.

Then there’s the sound. When you make contact, instead of a sweet ‘ping,’ it sounds like you’ve hit it with a plank of wood. This is down to the titanium clubface. But, despite this minor grumble, there’s no arguing about the performance. It’s a forgiving club that feels great in hand and gets fantastic distance. Just think of the looks of disgust from your golfing chums when your ball lands miles ahead of theirs.

Choose your loft

The club is available in various lofts ranging between 9 and 13 degrees. Callaway also offers three different versions depending on your swing type. The neutral version aids those who tend to hit the ball straight, but there are also draw and fade versions available depending on how you want to shape your shots. Admittedly, it’s more expensive than a PS3, but if you take your golf as seriously as your other gadgets, then give the FT-i an audition.

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Callaway Driver FTi review

If you struggle for distance and accuracy off the tee, the bonkers-looking FT-I could be your saviour