Buffalo’s all-singing, all-dancing Terastation NAS box has long been a Stuff favourite, and with the LinkStation Duo the company has tried to distil that into a more compact and affordable package. Which is fine by us.

Launching a RAID

Whether you opt for this 1TB model, or one of the 2 or 4TB versions, your dinky all-black case will contain two hard disks of equal capacity.

These can be set to RAID 0 in order to get the full useable space, or RAID 1 so that one disk backs up the data on the other. You can access the drives by unclipping the front cover, and they’re easy to swap if one dies or if you want to add more storage.

Another simple way to increase storage is to add an external hard disk. The Buffalo has just one USB connection, so if you do attach one of these you’ll have to do without a shared printer.

We can live without that. This USB connection can also be used to directly copy files from a USB stick, but this is fiddly to do.

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Unfussy and affordable

While we’re on the subject of niggles, we’ll also point out that the LinkStation isn’t calibrated to work with Logitech’s Squeezebox or the Xbox 360.

There might be workarounds for these, but it’s going to take a bit of fiddling. It’ll work with iTunes, the PS3 and Sonos systems, however.

Of course, for many people none of that will matter. In which case you can simply appreciate the impressive gigabyte-to-pound ratio, ultra-simple setup and quiet operation.

Calibration via web browser is easy, and you can access your files (or upload more) from any web-connected computer. You can even play music from your iPhone, so long as it’s in an Apple-friendly format.

So, if it’s unfussy and affordable you’re after, the Buffalo will do very nicely, but remember that you’ll find more features elsewhere.


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Buffalo LinkStation Duo 1TB review

At just 19p per gigabyte, this NAS box represents excellent value – though there are a few compatibility issues