We’ve seen some crazy USB sticks in our time. Stashed away in our mini musuem is a sushi stick, a USB drive shaped as a syringe, and a thumb drive shaped as, you guessed it, a severed thumb.  

None, though, quite strike the balance between childish charm and utility quite like the Brick USB Memory Stick.

Lanyard ‘bonus’

Available in 2GB and 4GB capacities and in a choice of red, yellow or blue paint jobs, the stick comes packaged in an unassuming plastic tube with, somewhat curiously, a lanyard. We’re pretty geeky, but wearing a USB stick round your neck is always a social catastrophe.

The USB connection itself is revealed by pulling the Lego brick in half. To make sure you don’t lose the cover, and to help deliver full Lego satisfaction, the spare half stacks neatly on top of the other.

Easy to lose

More usefully, the USB Stick also has a small ring that lets you connect it to a keyring. This is recommended: while the bowling ball USB drive we saw recently (no, really) is somewhat difficult to lose, this teeny brick will easily disappear down the back of a sofa.

All that remains is for you to stuff it with data. Our 2GB model had 1.86GB of free storage, but that’s more than enough to do a life-saving back-up of your most important files.

It’ll certainly tide us over until one of the greatest concepts we’ve seen – a drive called the Flash Bag that inflates like a balloon as you load it with data – makes it to production.   

Stockist: Firebox


Stuff says... 

Brick USB Memory Stick review

A charming, if easy to lose, USB stick that’s ideal for backing up small, important files