Putting the square peg in the square hole is really what this game boils down to, but unsurprisingly it’s not quite as simple as that.

Tumbling your rectangular block across the landscape of squares your path to victory is blocked by the shape of the playing surface itself as well as a number of special tiles. Some collapse, some teleport, some split your block in two and others act as switches adding more tiles and removing barriers.

The clean visual style and simple sound effects suit the straightforward gameplay, though you'll annoy bystanders with the constant clicking as you toss your blocky pawn about the board in your quest to sink it in the hole.

Your success in each level is scored on how many moves it takes to reach your goal, driving you to go back and make another attempt at the perfect score if you're that way inclined.

Brain Cubes strikes the balance between challenging and impossible, with most levels being tricky enough to take you a few attempts while taunting you with the knowledge that the solution is never more than a few squares away. We played through all 50 levels but could have kept going longer.

Rolling a rectangular block across a landscape of squares might not sound like a recipe for a good time, but this slick puzzler proves to be a surprising amount of fun.

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Brain Cube Premium review

This slick block-tossing puzzler proves that it's hip to be square