If you already own some Bang & Olufsen kit, chances are that you live in a Le Corbusier-designed house on stilts and swim in a pool filled with £50 notes. And if you don’t, you might think its products are out of reach.

They’re not, though – especially now, thanks to the company’s quirky-looking BeoSound 8 iPod dock.

Take aim at the Zeppelin

Probably the biggest surprise about the company’s typically design-led entry into the world of iPod docks is that it’s taken so long. For all the success of B&W’s all-conquering Zeppelin and its self-consciously decorative ilk, there’s been an obvious gap in the market for a properly premium, properly effective iPod dock. That gap has now been filled.

Most B&O products tend to make people weak at the knees just looking at them, but he BeoSound 8 sparked a few friendly discussions. Is the circumference of the speaker enclosures a little too large, or is it that they’ve been placed a bit too close together?

In any event, the BeoSound 8 will dock most of Apple’s current iThings, and has additional connectivity via a mini-USB socket and stereo RCA inputs. The circular remote control feels good to hold, although it can’t navigate your player’s menus. There’s also a three-position switch to help compensate for your BeoSound’s room position.

Turn it up if you want to get down

With one important qualification, it’s a punchy, balanced and big-sounding listen. The way notes start and stop is acceptable, everything stays smooth throughout the frequency range and there’s good dynamic headroom on tap, too.

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That "but", though, is to do with volume. To hear the BeoSound 8 at its best, it demands cranking – it could certainly be heard bellowing around our testing rooms while it was running in. At more modest levels, bass response is softer, and balance and integration can suffer as a result.

But if you like the looks, can stomach the price and have a large room to fill with sound – it’s perfect for a party – the BeoSound 8 is now the best of a not exactly numerous bunch.

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B&O BeoSound 8 review

The price might be steep, but the looks and sound justify the coinage