The world of 3D Blueprint is like a bomb has gone off in an obsessive engineer's filing cabinet. Plans for various objects have been blasted apart, and the resulting fragmented schematics have been frozen in time and space for you to slot back together.

At the time of writing, there are seven level packs available – Architecture, Electronics, Medieval, Military, Space, Tech and Transport – making a total of 242 levels. After the first few tutorial levels you'll quickly get the hang of flinging the fragments around and spotting the visual clues and annotations that lead to the solution.

Once you clear that low hurdle, it's then a matter of reassembling the objects before you've even worked out what they are. Do it in under 10 seconds and you'll get the maximum three stars for the level, a further 20 seconds to achieve two stars, after which it's just a case of getting one star for the eventual solve. You'll get five automatic solves to use if you're really stuck, though the solution is never far enough away to need them.

It reminded us of Eboy's FixPix app, though sadly without the pixel art delights. Blueprint 3D is a more straight-laced puzzle game, and you'll find yourself driven to complete the levels just to get some closure, as after a while it can start to feel a bit like digital grunt work.

Overall it's a clean, well-designed app that will provide some pick-up-and-play distraction but last little more than an hour of solid play.

Excuse us while we rifle through the shredder bin for yesterday's doodles...

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Blueprint 3D review

All the king's horses and all the king's men will probably enjoy putting Humpty's blueprint back together again, for a while