Blu-rays needn’t have retina-scorching special effects to impress, and the charming Son of Rambow illustrates this perfectly.

In place of explosive CGI and brooding character studies it offers imaginatively lo-fi effects and plenty of laughs, as school tearaway Lee and sheltered cult kid Will form an unlikely partnership and endeavour to make a sequel to Rambo.


Charm, wit and chemistry

Naturally, most of the film’s laughs come from the simple sight of two small kids innocently recreating the violence of Stallone’s genre defining kill-a-thon, but Son of Rambow thankfully offers more than just permutations of a single gag.

The growing relationship between Lee and Will is built on convincing chemistry, and the recreation of 1980s England is exaggerated enough to be comedic while still staying just on the sensible side of parody.


Superb pictures and sound

Inventive animations crop up throughout the film, from Will’s daydreams through to his flipbooks and the epic bathroom wall murals he draws; Blu-ray’s colour and detail capabilities suit the linework and colours of these lo-fi cartoons as brilliantly as if they were the latest all-gloss outing from Pixar.


The disc also offers a choice of Dolby Digital or DTS-HD 5.1 audio, although Son of Rambow's soundtrack is so uncomplicated that this attention to audio simply means that you can hear the dialogue cleanly and clearly.


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Blu-ray discs Son of Rambow (Blu-ray) review

Filled with visual flourishes, Son of Rambow is charming and funny in equal measure