The guy in with the bloodshot eyes, muddy hair and Redbull-stained T-shirt may tell you otherwise, but sleep at a festival is an extremely useful thing. You'll enjoy the bands more the next day and you'll be able to stay up later into the evening.

That's why it's so important to have the right sleeping bag. Is Blacks' high-end Quantum 300 The One?

A quantum of warmness

The Quantum is a duck down-filled, lightweight sleeper that is more familiar with the Scottish Highlands than muddy fields in the centre of Reading. It's rated for us between +3 and 19 degrees (two season), which means it'll easily cope with most summer British weather.

The Quantum 300’s shell is ripstop nylon and its lining is super soft – so it feels both tough and luxurious. The weight is an impressively svelte 900g.

A drawstring cord at neck level separates the head and body sections to keep as much of the occupant's body heat in as possible. Another drawstring around the head cavity means you can dress like a mummy in it if you like.

Every element of the 300's construction befits its £65 price demand. The stitching, popper clasps and materials are all impeccably finished.

Both an airing sack to keep the Qunatum 300 in good shape when it's not being used and a compression sack for travel are provided. Exert a little pressure and you'll find it packs down impressively small, which makes it perfect for trekking or travelling and a handy size for festival backpacks.

Sweet dreams

The Quantum 300 is also extremely pleasant to sleep in. The soft lining is extremely comfortable and the down filling means it feels breathable yet toasty.

A cheaper synthetic-filled sleeping bag would certainly get you through a festival, but the Quantum 300 could see you through two-week expeditions for several years to come, and hardly weigh you down as it does so.

One downside is that it’s a two-season bag: that means if you plan to camp in cold conditions, you’ll need another sleeping bag specifically designed for them. However, for summer conditions it’s hard to think of a better all-rounder than the Quantum 300.


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