There’s a revolution going on in kitchen utensilry. Thanks to a bit of lateral thinking and some Alessi-inspired frivolity kitchen tools are no longer hiding in drawers, and are serving up a healthy dose of irony along with your dinner.

These Salad Plant Servers will have you wondering at how you possibly managed to eat your assortment of leaves with anything as mundane as a set of ordinary tongs. Fashioned to look like a tall plant resting in a teracotta plant pot, they provide a funky addition to any modern kitchen.

Dinner party starlet

When not in use the bright green tongs will stand upright in their pot and double as a bold decoration to brighten up your tabletop or kitchen shelves. Similarly, if you’ve prepared your bowl of salad or veg, just stick your tongs in upright to create a dinner-party centrepiece.

And if the conversation takes too serious a turn during diner, look to these tongs to provide the perfect counterpoint:  ‘Never mind the situation in Afghanistan, have you seen my amazing salad servers?’

What’s more, its little flowerpot also doubles as a handy receptacle to mix and serve the vinaigrette – could tossing be any more fun?

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Black + Blum Salad Plant Servers review

A funky way to brighten up eating your greens

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