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09 May 2014 / 17:12BST

So why does Apple want to buy Beats?

Sam Kieldsen asks what Cupertino thinks it can get from Dr Dre’s headphone company. Hint: it’s not about headphones...
13 April 2014 / 10:55BST

Ultimate setup: HTC One (M8)

The M8 is already our favourite smartphone in the world - but you can make it even better by teaming...
20 March 2014 / 18:40GMT

10 of the best cheap headphones reviewed

Can't afford those super-trendy £300 headphones you've been lusting after? Don't worry - these 10 pairs all have great sound...
24 December 2013 / 11:03GMT

Headphones: The complete history

From the Electrophone to Fanny Wang - how a tool for telephone operators became couture for footballers