The first incarnation of the TT was a design icon. Hairdressers and car nuts alike were attracted to the tidy sports coupe and its unique looks.

Now the second generation is alive and revving, but the looks have altered somewhat, bringing it more in line with the rest of the Audi range. It’s curvier, with its rear hind quarters exhibiting more than a hint of Porsche, Audi’s parent company. It’s also roomier and extremely comfortable thanks to the company’s trademark, well-designed interior.

Blessed with Bose

The TT comes blessed with a Bose stereo system and six-CD changer. And it sounds superb – solid, punchy and powerful. There’s a lot to be said for getting the windows down and the volume cranked up so you can share the sound quality with those less fortunate.

Some in-car sat-nav systems can be pretty pathetic, but Audi’s does a commendable job. OK, it doesn’t have complete postcode recognition and it’s quite an expensive option, but it’s pretty reliable, directions are clear and concise, and the mapping on the large LCD is easy to decipher. More importantly, it’s easier to navigate when compared to the cumbersome control system that is BMW’s iDrive.

Rasping exhaust note

So, the interior is undoubtedly up to scratch, but how does it drive? Better than the old TT that’s for sure. Audi’s four-wheel drive Quattro system deploys immense grip allowing you to sweep around corners with ultimate ease. The dynamic 3.2L engine gives the car plenty of zest, and there’s a rasping exhaust note to keep you entertained.

The automatic gearbox can be a bit sluggish and jerky around town but when your foot’s firmly planted, it’s smooth, speedy and without fault. A special mention must go to the car’s über-cool pop-up rear spoiler, which deploys when the car hits 75mph.

If you were a fan of the original you might feel disappointed with the TT’s new look, but get behind the wheel and you’ll find this coupe has more spark than ever.


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