GPS is hardly new technology, so why we haven’t seen camera manufacturers falling over themselves to include it on their snappers yet is a mystery. Whatever the reason, ATP isn’t hanging around and has decreed we should all be able to pinpoint our escapades on a virtual map.

The Photo Finder Mini is a two-box geotagging solution, allowing you to add GPS coordinates to digital photos so you can view them ‘in situ’ using mapping software like Google Earth, Picasa or Flickr. You can even plot the route you took while taking them.

Clock watching

The basics are taken care of without call for a PC. Just turn on the chunky, keyring-style GPS receiver as soon as you start taking photos; when you’re through, plug the receiver and your camera’s memory card into the docking unit and the data will sync.  

All the Photo Finder Mini is really doing is matching the time log from the GPS satellite readings with the EXIF data on your JPGs, so it’s vital your camera has the exact time set. With a bit of luck, the geotags should then be accurate to about 5-10m.

Push the button

The receiver is a one-button on/off affair, with a series of LED lights to indicate whether it has located a satellite or if it’s syncing data. It’s a robust little fella complete with karabiner to clip onto your camera bag, although the USB rubber plug needs little encouragement to come loose.

Sit the receiver in the dock with your camera’s memory card – SD, MMC, Memory Stick and Compact Flash are all catered for – and you’ll be asked via the dock’s LCD whether you want to sync with the card. You can also change the mode to create a file that saves your route info, too.


Hit or miss

At the end of the sync, the LCD displays the number of successfully tagged photos as well as those that it could not find GPS data for. In most cases the receiver copes pretty well, bar the obvious issues created when indoors or surrounded by tall buildings.

It may not be the ideal solution, but until we start seeing more camera manufacturers taking the initiative the ATP is one of the simplest ways to geotag your photos and prove to anyone who’ll listen just how well-travelled you are.

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ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini review

Until we see more GPS-equipped compacts, this is a simple and fun way to geotag photos and even map your holiday route