It may not be the best looking PC we’ve ever tested, but behind this touchscreen's clunky black bezel lurks a killer all-in-one all-rounder.

Asus EeeTop ET2410 – power

For starters, there’s a quad-core CPU and a respectable GeForce 540M graphics card. Together, they make desktop software fly and have a decent stab at running games, too. It may be a little underpowered to run Battlefield 3 on Ultra (what isn’t?), but performance is better by far than on most all-in-ones. Skyrim is very smooth, even when you get towards the highest settings.

Asus EeeTop ET2410 – screen

The screen is highly responsive to fingertips, and thanks to the heavy stand, it won’t wobble around as you prod away at pixels or type exuberantly on your desk. Importantly, it’s also a very good panel by non-touch standards – colours are rich and full of contrast, with dark blacks, bright whites and nice wide viewing angles. The screen is not quite a full 24in, and it feels slightly cramped – its recessed position behind the bezel doesn’t help. Speakers are decent, but not spectacular.

Asus EeeTop ET2410 – Blu-ray

With a built-in Blu-ray drive and a reasonable price tag, there’s little to fault this machine on. The ET2410 is blissfully quiet in general use. The fans will kick in a bit if you’re gaming, but there’s none of the constant background buzz that blights other machines.

Asus EeeTop ET2410 – in use

The wireless peripherals let the ET2410 down. The tiny laptop mouse will soon get hurled out of a window, and while the slimline keyboard is OK for media centre use, it won’t stand up to much typing.

Surprisingly, Asus hasn’t added any overlays to the default desktop interface. Given that these can be rarely used, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Windows 7 is hardly well-integrated with touchscreen controls. It's begging for an upgrade to Windows 8.

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Asus EeeTop ET2410 review

Ignore the dull looks and this all-in-one gets it all right – and it’ll be better still with Windows 8