On a standard Android handset, finding downloaded files and app data can be tricky, if not impossible. So a good file manager is one of the first utilities that every Android phone owner should download.

Astro is one of the main players in this category. It has a wide range of talents to help you get the most out of your mobile. Not least is the option to connect to other phones and computers over WiFi or Bluetooth (requires the download of the free Astro WiFi and Astro Bluetooth modules), making shunting around files and dropping photos on your laptop a doddle once set up.

Though it's not exactly graphics-heavy you can configure the interface to your taste, changing toolbar buttons and tweaking icon display and layout.

There's also a backup feature which allows you to copy apps to SD card, ready for quick re-installation should your phone fail. This is also very handy for owners of older Android phones which quickly run out of internal memory and don't allow apps to be run off SD card. If there are some apps you don't often use, they can be backed up on SD and deleted from the handset, ready to re-install in a jiffy should the need arise.

There are a variety of other tools included too, such as a detailed SD card usage monitor and task manager which lets you see what it is that's slowing down your phone or filling up its storage at a glance, meaning you're in complete control.

It also helps with awkward (on mobile, anyway) email attachments by letting you view .pdf files and even extract .zip or .tar files.

Astro is completely free (ad-supported) or you can buy the Pro version without ads for £2.39 at time of writing. All in all, it's an app that no self-respecting Android user should be without.

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Astro File Manager review

Like to be in control? Make this the first Android app you download