Ah, Mr.Bond – we’ve been expecting you. The car you used and wrote off in Casino Royale, Aston Martin’s DBS, is now on the market and available to buy – but only if you have £160,000 in your pocket. That’s several cash-stuffed suitcases, we know, but if there’s a set of wheels worth foiling a couple of megalomaniacs for, it’s this.

An aggressive figure

Simply put, the DBS looks ruddy amazing. It’s an aggressive, imposing figure that’s coated in carbon-fibre body panels. Lurking beneath the streamlined exterior lurks a riotous 512bhp V12 engine that can serve up some pretty impressive figures: 0-62mph in a paltry 4.3 seconds and a blistering top speed of 191mph.

The cabin is something of a masterpiece too. It’s exquisite, lavished in aluminium, with chronograph-inspired dials in the dashboard. The DBS is so special, it doesn’t even have a standard key. It has an Emotional Control Unit (ECU) – a small rectangular block that slots into the centre console. Pointless? Of course, but still undeniably cool.

Tracking system as standard

Music is delivered courtesy of an Alpine-backed sound system – 700W of power at your fingertips, and integrated iPod, USB and auxiliary inputs. You also get a Volvo-sourced sat-nav system and, of course, Bluetooth connectivity for your mobile.

Just in case you’re worried about leaving your Aston, it even comes with a tracking system fitted as standard. But if you can afford one of these there’s probably a good chance you’ve already got somewhere nice and cosy to keep it.

Plenty of feel

So, it looks good enough to eat and has an interior you could live in, but does it drive like a dream? Of course it does. Blip the throttle and the V12 barks away like a keen pup. There’s plenty of feel through the steering wheel and the DBS takes the bumps and knocks surprisingly well for such a honed supercar. It’ll get you from A to B just in time for a Martini or three.


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Aston Martin DBS review

The DBS is a sensational supercar that will give you the ultimate Bond buzz