Archos 10.1 G9 Turbo – speed

With a dual-core processor running at 1.5GHz, Archos’ 10.1in G9 Turbo is one of the fastest tablets around, on paper at least. But it’s not the best designed – the plastic case feels cheap next to other Androids, and the cheaper TN screen isn’t as richly coloured as some rivals.

Archos 10.1 G9 Turbo – charging

Archos’ 10.1 G9 Turbo charges via a microUSB port. It seems handy, but unless you own a newish computer with high-spec sockets, chances are you’ll still need the chunky power adaptor – a standard USB port just won’t put out enough power to juice it.

Archos 10.1 G9 Turbo – video playback

As with most Archos tablets the focus is on media playback, with a graphics chip that accelerates 1080p video via mini HDMI-out. Better still are custom music and video apps with built-in network share and UPnP support, and the ability to play just about any format. But the Turbo’s faster processor isn’t really worth the upgrade and it destroys battery life. You can pick up the standard G9 for about £30 less.

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Archos 10.1 G9 Turbo review

Great for media, but we’d prefer a better screen, not a faster processor