The absence of Meccano in our lives and our failed carpentry career means we don't do much building these days. So Apparatus is the construction kit and puzzle combo we've been waiting for.

Each level has a set of fixed platforms and a collection of items you can bodge together to get the marble into the basket. It doesn't matter how you do it – just get it in that basket.

Still bearing its "public beta" tag (though unfortunately not free), there are occasional glitches in the game as certain pieces freak out, forcing you to reset the level, but other than that it's a very polished affair.

Motors, switches and exploding blocks all feature. You can skip the occasional level, but have to complete a set to advance. It did take us a while to get our head around the way some of the parts interacted with each other and it can be a bit fiddly at times, but it always seemed worth the effort.

But it's the community and sandbox features that really impress in this game. You are swiftly connected with hundreds of playable "challenge" levels designed by other users, or their wildest mechanical imaginings under the "apparatus" heading. We spotted pinball machines and a motocross bike for starters. Of course, if you're feeling creative you can add your own to the mix.

The whole game has a satisfyingly real quality to it, as the pieces before you successfully burst into action or just tear themselves apart in a woody joint-popping frenzy. Judging by some of our early efforts, we still shouldn't pursue our dreams of being a chippy, but we can take some solace in the fact that we have Apparatus on hand to play with whenever the mood takes us.

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Apparatus review

All the fun of wood, without the splinters