Instead of a uniformed security guard dozing in front of a bank of TV monitors, AlertMe provides a more practical and altogether more elegant solution to home surveillance. There are no cameras included, but its array of orange components can detect intruders or fires at home and send you a text or email wherever you are.

The kit, which arrives in one beautifully packaged box, includes three window/door alarms, two door alarms and two sensors that can tell when your existing smoke alarm goes off. If any of these devices are triggered, an alert will be sent to the AlertMe hub, the brains of the outfit, which will relay a message to you via the internet.

Textual healing

The hub itself is a friendly-looking white cube that connects to the mains and to your home network via an Ethernet cable. It uses Wi-Fi to communicate with the sensors in your house. There’s also a slot for a mobile SIM card, so it can text you if something untoward is happening.

The package also includes a Mathmos lamp – the ones that look like glowing pebbles – which acts as a signal booster for the wireless ‘zigbee’ network. This ensures that all of your sensors are within communication distance and it also glows reassuringly to indicate your current status.


Simple set-up

A certain amount of faffing around with wireless networks is called for when setting up AlertMe, but sticking to the online walk-through instructions, we managed it without too much trouble and were up and running well inside an hour an a half.

Part of AlertMe’s attraction is that you can retro-fit the system anywhere and take it with you when you move house because the whole system is wireless. It’s a simply a case of sticking each of the sensors in place, which is made easier by the inclusion of double-sided sticky patches.

With your account set up, AlertMe will fire off messages if there’s a man with a swag bag rummaging through your possessions or, indeed, any other incident. All you need to do is remember to keep your phone on.



Stuff says... 

AlertMe AlertMe review

Like having a guard dog that can text and e-mail, this all-in-one home security system is a doddle to install and easy to retro-fit