Historically, connecting a phone to a computer was an extremely clunky affair – you needed to dig a cable out of the box, install client software (presuming it was compatible with your OS) and then negotiate all manner of weird quirks in the software.

Thankfully it's a bit simpler these days, but it's still not perfect and we welcome any attempt to make the experience just a little bit better.

As a standalone app, AirDroid very competently does the duties of a file manager, task manager and app manager. On top of which, it'll give you the lowdown on your phone's battery level, CPU usage and how much room you've got left on your memory card.

But it's when you activate the wireless feature that it really comes into its own.

AirDroid's hassle-free hook up

Getting your phone to spill its guts to your computer couldn't be simpler. Just start the AirDroid app, then type the IP address and password on screen into a web browser. Just make sure you're connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You're then presented with a nicely laid out interface within the web browser.  There's no installing software or worrying about OS compatibility.

From this interface you can do all the stuff you can do on the phone itself, plus access contacts, read and send text messages, edit contacts, drop in new music, download photos and more.

We've rarely met such a straightforward and handy app, and it's free to boot.

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AirDroid review

AirDroid gets your phone and computer working in harmony, all without wires