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Think Bose headphones, think noise-cancelling. Well, now you can think wireless, as Bose has these Bluetooth ear-ticklers for your delectation.

Casual authority

Bose AE2w review

Our one problem with these otherwise excellent wireless headphones is the Bluetooth receiver module which sits on one of the earcups. It's the kind of thing we'd expect to be incorporated into the headphone design, but at least when you're wearing them you won't have to look at it.

Fortunately the performance makes up for it. There's a wireless sound of casual authority right across 
the frequency range: organised, hefty and detailed. These are not noise-cancelling cans but the design is sufficient to block out most of the daily hubbub you're likely to encounter.

On top of that excellent sound quality there's a level of comfort that makes a 3-hour listening session a real pleasure.

This is Bluetooth headphones done right. We approve.

Stuff says... 

Bose AE2w review

We don't like the lumpy receiver but the sound is smooth as silk
Bose AE2w
Good Stuff 
Great sound
Brilliantly comfortable
Bad Stuff 
Wireless element sticks out