Despite a recent law banning Travis from performing ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ at UK festivals, the risk of precipitation remains. Addict's Festival Jacket promises to be a fashionable alternative to decking yourself out in one of those free ponchos (also know as bin bags).  

Basically dry

The Festival Jacket is pretty basic; it doesn't have controls for your iPod like the Westcomb iMirage or a hi-tech Gortex covering like the Haglöfs Spitz Jacket. Instead, it just aims to keep you dry during a bit of light rain. It does this admirably and coped well with heavy downpours on the hills of Northern England.

It is very thin and lightweight, which is handy for storage and carrying but means it doesn't provide any extra warmth. The elasticated cuffs help to prevent water creeping in down the arms.

Pack it in

The small, zip-up bag that comes with the jacket has both a belt clip and an attachment for adding it to your keyring. The ability to roll the coat up into such a small package could be very useful at festivals where what you can bring in to the main arena is restricted.

Addict stresses that the Festival Jacket is ‘an entry level anorak’ and it shares one major problem with every other basic nylon garment – it gets sweaty, fast. The material is not very breathable so if you're being energetic you'll soon feel overheated.

Fine design

The Festival Jacket's big plus point over a less expensive option is its styling. The zips and poppers are well designed and of good quality, while the three colour options (black, yellow and Kelly green) are all pleasant to look at – though the yellow may be a bit of an acquired taste.

The jacket's design is attractive and doesn't make you look like you're a card-carrying trainspotter, but there is a slight problem with the hood. If you zip the jacket right up, you can't then pull the hood up. It's a minor issue but mildly irritating. Nonetheless, the Festival Jacket is a good option for less serious outdoor types.


Stuff says... 

Addict Festival Jacket review

It won't suit hardcore walkers or mountain climbing types, but for festival frolics it's ideal