Okay, let’s start with a confession: we weren’t very excited about Call of Duty: World at War. We reckoned that after last year’s incredible Modern Warfare, the return to World War II was a big step backwards.

We were also concerned about the fact that this fifth installment of the series was being developed by Treyarch, the guys behind the slightly disappointing Call of Duty 3. But we were wrong to be doubtful – Call of Duty: World at War is, frankly, brilliant.

Join both sides

The series’ tradition of having you play two different campaigns at once is back, so in some levels you’re a Russian soldier, fighting the Nazis to get to Berlin, and in others you’re an American, fighting the Japanese across the Pacific islands.

One thing this series has always done better than others is present the intensity of war. World at War is no different. Whether you’re storming a beach, defending a bunker, or manning the guns of a navy plane, the action is fast-paced and frighteningly realistic.

There are vast numbers of enemies on screen at any one time, and they’ll keep coming until you advance – not an easy task given the constant rain of bullets.

Astonishing graphics

The graphics are seriously amazing, from the character models to the water effects and awesome flame-thrower.

Sound effects are equally impressive – dialogue is delivered from Keifer Sutherland and Gary Oldman, and the huge explosions will really reward anyone with a decent home cinema setup.

Four-player missions

Multi-player is also a big part of Call of Duty 5. You can take on almost the entire campaign in four-player co-op, which is hellishly frantic and fun, or you can hit the online death-match modes.

Like Modern Warfare, you can unlock perks and upgrade your character as you go, making this a massively addictive and long-lasting experience.


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Activision Call of Duty 5: World at War review

Don't let the World War II setting put you off – this is every bit the worthy successor to Modern Warfare