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STUFF EXCLUSIVE – Yamaha’s all new YSP600 hits home

Rigging up home cinema systems ain’t fun. Powering out obscene action movies and Africa by Toto on said system is. And that’s where the Ya

This sharp new edition to their all–in–one range can sit snugly under your TV, without the need to hook up countless extras.

There’s 1080p support, with two HDMI–in and one out and an amp that takes care of a whopping 62W of power. That includes 15W from the two woofers and 16 ‘beam drivers’ with 2W each. So need to dip into the kids’ uni fund for an extra amp.

There’s Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II, natch, so watching Universal Soldier will make your living room sound like a futuristic frontline bunker.

And if pesky housemates complain about epic gunfire blasts, then the ‘Night Listener Enhancement’ means you won’t miss a sound when you drop the volume.

If you’re packing a Tosh Regza or Panasonic Viera, then you can switch the whole shebang off via the TV. So no scrabbling through sofa crumbs for the second remote.

It’s due here in May for a mere £499. So what do you think? Can this one–size–fits–all system beat down those pain in the back side full–on kits. Let us know in the comments section.


Yamaha YSP600

Price: £499

On sale: May

Contact: Yamaha