You may want your child’s first steps to be recorded in perfect fidelity. For that, you’ll want a decent camera, a tripod, good lighting and to be prepared. For most of us, though, the reality is a hastily produced cameraphone, booted into the video function and set rolling ad hoc.

The result? Your footage looks amateur. It is amateur. And it doesn’t have even have the glow of your parents’ poorly shot cine films of childhood holidays. No warmth, no sense of glowing nostalgia and none of the charming flare at the frame edges.

8mm Vintage Camera fixes all that at a stroke. You can shoot within the app, taking advantage of the six virtual lenses and seven virtual film types. You can even add frame jitter and sound effects such as projector reel click or mic interference. Or you can shoot vanilla footage on your iPhone’s native video app and import it into 8mm, adding the effects of your choice in what TV folk call “post”.

Not all of the options are brilliant, but there are enough combinations to turn all but the worst bits videography into serviceable memories, etched with all the wonky lighting and vignettes that appeal to your retro, arty side.

And enough is enough. 8mm Vintage Camera doesn’t present you with too many options – after a few seconds of clicking around you’ll find a setting with the right feel and know what it was like to be in your dad’s sandals in Benidorm circa 1975. Without the sunburn and dodgy stomach.

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8mm Vintage Camera review

Never mind the halcyon days – 8mm puts your video footage through its tardis easily, and to great effect

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