Yamaha M-430

4 stars
After a lengthy break, Yamaha is back with a micro hi-fi – and this one comes with a handy built-in iPod dock

Yamaha Tenori-on

4 stars
Yamaha’s new electronic instrument is itching to turn you into the next Jean Michel Jarre – but is it great or just a gimmick?

Yamaha YSP-1100

5 stars
Has Yamaha proved that less is more with the release of its latest digital sound projector?

Yamaha YSP-900

4 stars
Ever since Yamaha first announced the Digital Sound Projector we’ve been salivating over its one-speaker home-cinema setup. So can the YSP-1’s grandson live up to our galactic expectations?

Yamaha CRX-M170

5 stars
The fight for micro-system supremacy has been a hard-fought tussle between Denon, Onkyo and Teac. But has Yamaha sneaked in and stolen victory?

Yamaha YSP-800

4 stars
The Yamaha YSP-800’s supplied mic and auto-calibration system tailor sound to your room and 23 drivers create convincing ambience
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