Yamaha one-box surround gets cheaper

Yamaha has launched a new affordable version of its revolutionary 'digital sound projector'. The YSP-800 still offers 5.1-channel surround from one box, but now with automatic microphone setup, and all for just £600.

Space-age surround sound just got cheaper and, for that matter, smaller. Yamaha's new YSP-800 is the new little brother of the original YSP-1 digital sound projector. The new unit uses 22 tiny speaker drivers (as opposed to the larger YSP-1's 40) to throw 'beams' of sound at different parts of the room to create a surround effect. No speakers cluttering up the room, and no wires for the dog to chew.

While Yamaha claims that fewer drivers won't affect the YSP-800s ability - look out for  star-rated review in the December issue - it does make for a system that can neatly fit beneath a TV smaller than the 42inch recommendation of it's big brother. And, at £600, it's cheaper than buying an AV amp, a speaker package and al the cables needed to make it happen.

More details on the possible future of surround sound here.

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