World's first wearable smartphone dock isn't as stupid as it sounds

Celltack wants to make your life easier by putting a ring on it. On your smartphone, that is.

Seriously? Are we being serious here?
Well - 

- no, seriously. Is this for real?
Yes, Interrupting Irene, it's for real. But it's not as stupid as it looks. You're not meant to wear this smartphone/ring combo in a traditional manner, like a piece of gigantic kunuckle-covering jewellery.

Intead, you hold your smartphone as you normally would, except you slip your finger through the ring on the back, offering a reassuring gip when using massive phablets.

Oh, and of course, the ring is detachable.

Ah. Magnets?

Strong magnets?
Very strong magnets. Strong enough, in fact to lift up to six iPhones in one go.

The ring attaches to a special magnetic 'cleat', which is stuck to the back of your smartphone with super-strong adhesive. 

You can also mount your smartphone to special bike mounts or wrist straps, if you like. Or even slip the ring off and use it as a stand.

So I'm stuck with this cleat thing forever? 
Nope. If you fancy taking it off, you can, and a little rubbing alcohol will get rid of any sticky residue. You'll need a new adhesive strip for next time though, but Celltack can send you replacement adhesive strips for free.

There will also be cases with built-in cleats, for hassle free reusability.

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Anything else I should know about? Will the ring make me invisible?
Nope. But as every ring has a unique magnetic signature, you can use a Celltack app to lock down your phone so only your ring will unlock it.

You can also automatically have your GPS turn on if you mount your phone to your car, or have your phone switch to silent when you dock it a night. Clever eh?

Sold. Where do I sign?
Head on over to indiegogo where you can pick up a starter kit for US$40 for an estimated July delivery.

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