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Keep up-to-date with all the latest news from Brazil with these excellent podcasts and services. Perfect for the morning commute.

The Offside Rule

Offering a refreshing change from the rule that football chat has to mean blokey 'bants' or Partridge-style pundits, this weekly podcast is hosted by three female football reporters from TalkSport, Sky News and Sky Sports News. International reporters also chip in to make it a well-rounded look behind the scenes of tournaments and big broadcasters.


The Football Ramble

Like eavesdropping on a pub chat between football geeks who frequently put TV pundits to shame, this weekly pod excelled during the 2010 World Cup with features such as Diego Corner (updates on the life of Maradona) and the Balotelli Basement (discussing the antics of Italy's bonkers striker).


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The Blizzard

Inverting The Pyramid author Jonathan Wilson also founded The Blizzard, a high-quality quarterly that cerebrally ponders global soccer. Recorded live with an audience, the occasional Blizzard podcasts gather a panel of notable contributors and probe them for stories that wouldn’t fit into more traditional outlets. Forgotten games, obscure names, discussed by fine brains.


The Guardian World Cup Football Daily

The Guardian's Football Weekly is the best soccerball podcast out there: consistently entertaining and informative, with plenty of opinion and an endearingly ramshackle feel. So good news that it's going daily for the World Cup. Essential if only for host James Richardson's terrible puns.

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Sky Sports World Cup fixture calendar

It might not have TV rights for the games, but Sky has chipped in with this handy fixtures calendar for your Google Calendar, Apple's Calendar and Outlook. Head to the link below for instructions on how to import the 21st Century equivalent of a wall planner.


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