Winter style – watches

Give old man winter the time of day with a wizard bit of wristwear. These watches should do the tick

Smartphones may mean you no longer need a watch to know the time – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still wear one. One look at these glorious timepieces and you’ll see why.

Nixon Supertide


Storm Solar

Winter style – watches - Storm Solar  2

It’s not just the minimalist styling that makes this digital watch a winner. It also features tide information for over 200 beaches around the globe, so you know exactly when to hit the surf.

Black Dice Guru


Kisai Maze

Winter style – watches - Kisai Maze 2

The stainless steel Solar’s green LEDs ignite at the push of a button to reveal the time in old-fashioned “hands” style. Also waterproof to 50m.

Casio G-Shock GB-6900AA


Ventura V-Tec Alpha

Winter style – watches - Ventura V-Tec Alpha 2

Cheap does not mean nasty when it comes to the Guru, a sci-fi-inspired neon strip that tells the time uses a row of tiny white LEDs.

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Named for the way it reveals numbers from a labyrinth-like web of LCD blocks, the Maze comes in two tasteful flavours: brushed silver and black steel.


If it’s gadget-friendliness you seek, the new G-Shock’s ability to talk to an iPhone 4S or 5 via Bluetooth will put a smile on your face. When paired with your blower, the watch displays notifications.


Putting paid to the notion that digital watches are low rent, this gorgeous piece of Swiss-made steel uses a single, simple scroll wheel for almost all its functions.

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