Welcome to the all-new Stuff.tv

The Stuff.tv house has had a lick of paint (and a loft conversion). Come and have a nose about, why don't you?

Notice anything different about Stuff.tv? Change happens fast in technology, and as the world evolves around us, we’ve tinkered with the DNA of our world to help make it a better place to hang out. We rather like it.

But what really matters is what you think. So come in, have a look around and, for good or bad, let us know. You can comment below or reach us at stuff@haymarket.com.

Here’s a quick tour of what’s new.

1. We’ve done some pretty colouring in

What you’ll probably notice first are the gloriously big and gorgeous pictures, the elegant new font and the shimmering colour palette. We hope our new design makes Stuff’s bottomless pit of brilliant reviews and incredible videos even more beautiful to look at.

2. More Google Maps than Apple Maps

Some of you found the old site harder to find your way about than you’d have liked. Confession time: so did we. So we’ve taken the opportunity to simplify the structure, making navigating easier and more intuitive than ever, and ensuring you can always discover the stories you want to read.

3. Built for Galaxy S4. Built for HTC One. And Xperia Z. And iPad mini. And Nexus 10… and… and

Stuff.tv now responds to your every need. Whatever you’re reading us on – desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet – we’ve got an optimised version of the site for you. Reading this on your smart glasses? Welcome. Whatever device, wherever you are, you’ll find all the same great stuff.

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4. More useful than ever

No time to read a giant review? Can’t be bothered? Click the ‘Jump to verdict’ link at the top and see our round-up of the best and worst features, our easy star rating and a quick verdict.

Welcome to the all-new Stuff.tv - 4. More useful than ever 2

Then hop over to our world-famous Top 10s to see how it compares with the competition. They're now bang up to date and they've had a bit of a nip and tuck too.

5. Spammers out! Facebook in!

Many of you have been kind enough to get in touch and let us know what you’d like improved. And we’ve listened. Problems logging in? Not any more – just sign in with your Facebook account. Your valuable, relevant comment was cheapened by a neighbouring spammer? Relax, they’ve gone too.

6. Unique, distinctive, witty

We’ll also be moving our focus away from the horde of me-too tech sites. If you want to read hard drive reviews, there are dark recesses of the internet where you can find them. But we won’t be one of them, not unless it’s made by Stark Enterprises. Because if you want to know how to give yourself binary-enabled superpowers, you’ve come to the right place. And we promise you: it won’t be dull.

7. Stuff’s Holy Trinity: mag, app and Stuff.tv

Readers of Stuff magazine might have noticed our recent redesign. It’s the same beast, but with fresh blood pumping through its veins. And it remains the world’s biggest-selling gadget mag.

We’ve also given our interactive edition a facelift, which you can download here.

But our heart – the place to find the latest news first and the best features faster – is here on Stuff.tv. We really hope you like what you see.

So off you go. And don’t forget to tell us what you think. Here are some good places to start…

All our reviews

Everything Apple

PS4 vs Xbox One

Best new games from E3

Happy browsing,

The Stuff team


Finally! Can now delete that rubbish T3 favicon from my bookmarks bar and replace with yours after an absence of about a year. Welcome back guys. 


The site does not work in IE10 without enabling compatibility mode. This is surely a step back? The pages load and then simply go blank. (Win 7 x64, IE10.0.6)

I must say the text is massive! I am viewing this on a high res monitor too (1920x1200) with IE zoom set to 95% as most sites are now using massive fonts too! What's with web dev's today, are you all blind? Tongue ...This would look rediculous on a normal laptop with a standard 1366x768 screen!

One big improvement appears to be the CPU utilisation when browsing the new site. Your old site would max out a Core or 2 on my i7 IvyBridge for quite some time and that was with only one tab open. If I opened many as I normally do your old site has killed my top-notch PC many times forcing an End Task on the browser! The new site is not too bad CPU wise, the ads are a bit heavy but sooo much better than before.

The font size used to display reader comments is about right and should be used for body text on the whole site.


The biggest disapointment here is the comepetitions.  Before you could enter competitions without having to type your personal details in over and over, but just by logging in, meaning privacy is higher.  Now you have to go on SurveyGizmo, on a completly unprotected page, enter all of your personal details and have NO option to opt out of third party marketing unless you contact the company direct.  I really can't understand this change, but really sad as you have such good prices (n) I guess all good things have to come to an end....

Too much white space, it needs some kind of off-white or light gray background.  Also the header doesn't like the bounce-back that Chrome does when it reaches the top.  Small images in the homescreen would be good, allow more content to be browsed.  Latest features section needs to have smaller images and align further to the right to reduce impression of wasted space further down the article. Definitely on the right track but not there yet.

Call me a traditionalist or someone that doesn't like change, but I prefer the old version! Much more topics in one page and more sofisticated look. It was pretty easy to navigate your way round and didn't look childish as it does now! Sorry but this is not an improvement! If there was a problem with my sight I could blow the page up, didn't need anyone to do it for me! 

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