The Weekend Spend – ZTE Blade V, Gravity and South Park

ZTE Blade V (£60)

In the market for a budget blower? ZTE's smartphone offers quad-core Android goodness for a bargain-basement price – you even get a £10 top-up. Okay, it's not going to compete on a level playing field with the likes of the LG G2 or even the Moto G. But it's a full-featured smartphone! For £60!

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PlayStation 4 Atari skin (£9)

It can't have escaped your notice that the next-gen consoles look very… retro – angular black boxes that wouldn't seem out of place next to a 1980s VCR. Now you can take things a step further with this skin, which adds Atari 2600-style looks to your "PS4 Video Computer System."

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Native Union Power Link Knot (£40)

These days, you don't want to go anywhere without a charge cable for your power-hungry smartphone. This handy hand-stitched leather keyring keeps a micro USB cable discreetly tucked away, ready for when you need it. Combine it with a Mu folding plug for extra portable power.

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