The Weekend Spend: Game of Thrones, Far Cry and nifty sub-£50 gadgets

Nifty Minidrive (£25)

This brilliant little gadget lets you increase the storage space of a 13in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina display by up to 64GB. It takes a microSD card and slots into the full-size SD card slot of your MacBook; with its flush fit and anodised aluminium finish, you'll never even notice it's there. And it integrates with Time Machine to keep your work backed up.

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Robocop Remastered Limited Edition Steelbook (£16)

Never mind the Robocop remake currently clogging up cinemas – check out the  classic 1987 film, now available on Blu-ray in a beautiful 4K remastered edition that restores director Paul Verhoeven's original cut. This steelbook version features some lovely artwork, but if you just want the film on its own, it's also available on Blu-ray for a tenner.

Evutec Karbon S iPhone 5s case (£30)

This rather gorgeous snap case adds Kevlar protection and carbon-fibre looks to your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, without messing up the lines of your phone. We particularly love the grippy soft-touch texture that helps stop your iPhone slipping out of your hand.

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