The Weekend Spend: The best deals, gadgets and entertainment bargains this week

We've rounded up the best buys this weekend, whether you're looking for gadgets, games or films

Titanfall for £42 at Asda

It's the Xbox One's killer app – frenetic first-person combat with giant fighting robots and agile soldiers. And if you want to get it for cheap, Asda has the best price out there. If you're a PC user, it's even more of a bargain at £35.

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Get two Three 1GB SIM cards for £6

A single 1GB SIM card costs a fiver – so why wouldn't you want a second one for just £1 more? Unless you only have one device that takes a SIM card. Then it's just conspicuous consumption for the sake of it.

Tomb Raider for £5 at SimplyCDkeys

We loved the gritty Tomb Raider reboot – it's an impressively addictive cocktail of action-packed combat, bountiful secrets and roomy environments. And its reinvented Lara Croft turns the lads-mag heroine of old into a proper, rounded character fit for the modern day. Steam has the PC version available for £15, but you can nab it for a fiver through SimplyCDkeys.

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Alien Blu-ray boxset for £10 at Tesco

Forget about the benighted Alien vs Predator films and Prometheus, the original Alien films are where it's at. This box set collects absolutely stunning Blu-ray transfers of the first four films in the series, combined with an impressively comprehensive set of extras. And all for two quid less than Amazon.

Instagram cushions (£30)

Turn your selfies into sofa adornments with this handy service over at Firebox – it'll take your conveniently square Instagram snaps and convert them into lovely pillows. So now you can have a constant reminder of that delicious artisan cookie you snapped through an Earlybird filter before devouring.

Robot Head portable charger (£35)

This dinky charger packs a 6000mAh battery (almost twice the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's battery) that'll keep your smartphone or tablet ticking over. It packs two USB ports so you can share the charging love, and his cute little robot face serves as a power indicator – tap his mouth and his eyes light up to let you know how much charge you have to spare. Available at Firebox.