The Weekend Spend – the Best of British, from beautiful bulbs to cool cases

Moixa USBcell (£8.20)

London-based Moixa Energy has conjured up this handy gadget – a standard AA battery that recharges via USB. Doing away with the need for chargers and disposable batteries, they provide 1300mAh of juice. That's not quite as much as a conventional battery, but still: no faffing about with chargers. And you're helping to save the environment, too.

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Metropolitan Line Moquette Kindle cover (£50)

Ever looked at a Tube seat and thought, "I wish I could wrap that around my Kindle"? Now you can. This Kindle case (they're also available for iPads and laptops) is made from moquette, the hardwearing material used for bus and train seats, and is finished in the jazzy pattern used on Metropolitan Line seats. You can also get them in the District Line's rather less appealing puce-and-orange livery, or the vintage RT-type bus seat pattern.

A Field In England Blu-ray (£14)

Brighton-based director Ben Wheatley is making quite the name for himself with horror-inflected films like Kill List and Sightseers (and he's directing Peter Capaldi's debut Doctor Who episode, dontchaknow).

His latest effort, set in the English Civil War, features League of Gentlemen alumnus Reece Shearsmith as a alchemist's assistant who's recruited by a gang of treasure hunters. A few magic mushrooms later, the film takes a turn for the weird. It's a psychedelic modern classic that's just landed in the USA – watch it now, so you can feel all smug like the early adopter you are.

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