The Weekend Spend – 5 ace objects you can pick up for £50 or less

Black + Blum Thermo-Pot (£30)

If you’re the kind of soul that desires hot food on the go, British designers Black + Blum have the perfect companion for you: the Thermo-Pot. Basically a larger-rimmed, more stylish Thermos flask, this 500ml stainless steel vacuum flask will keep soup, porridge or even casserole hot for up to five hours. It’s ideal for “al desko” dining during the week, and even comes with its own spoon – which attaches to the side using magnets.

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Iron Man 3 3D Blu-ray (£18.99)

If you want a movie to show off the capabilities of your new big screen television, Netflix ain’t the place to go: what you need is a top-notch Blu-ray with detail so sharp you’ll be left with no eyebrows. Iron Man 3 fits the bill nicely, with its geek hero, eye-popping visual effects and razor-sharp dialogue courtesy of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang director Shane Black.

This edition comes with both 3D and 2D versions of the film, high resolution surround sound and a handful of extras. It’s a “Stark” reminder that, until 4K really takes off, Blu-ray remains the finest format around when it comes to picture and sound quality.