The Weekend Spend – 5 ace objects you can pick up for £50 or less

Pay packet burning a hole in your pocket? Here are five amazing tech-related ways to spend it

To paraphrase folk troubadour Robert Sylvester Kelly, it’s the freakin’ weekend and baby, you’re about to have you some fun… by spending your hard-earned cash on some lovely technology. At least if you take our advice you are.

We’ve scoured the shops to find five tech-related purchases, each costing less than fifty sheets. So if you’re in need of some weekend retail therapy, you’ve clicked on the right page. Let the healing begin.

Tuls Stan TI (US$33)

A credit card-sized slice of stainless steel that fulfils no fewer than three functions: phone stand (it accommodates most smartphones 10mm or less in thickness), cable tidy and bottle opener. And looks deliciously stylish doing any of them – or even none of them at all.

The Stan deserves a spot in any self-respecting phone-user’s wallet, and you can have it in yours by parting with US$33 (around £21).

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Intelligent Pelican charger (£35)

Intelligent Pelican makes essential gear for gap year travellers, but luckily a killer combination of baffling entitlement, cultural insensitivity and shocking naivety isn’t necessary to purchase and enjoy its products, one of which is a compact external charger than can top up almost any gadget from its lithium polymer battery. It offers two USB ports for dual-charging, a range of socket adapters and everything comes tucked into a lightweight waterproof bag.

Game Boy beach towel (£20.95)

OK, so sunbathing on a British beach is probably somewhat out of the question this weekend, but should you be jetting off to sunnier climes, consider investing in this towel. It’ll demonstrate your love of handheld retro gaming to passersby – and stop you getting sand all up in your shorts. Plus you can use it to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

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