Virgin tests 200Mbps broadband in UK

If your internet connection is so slow it makes glaciers look speedy, the following news could make you angry – a small group of Kent-ites have

Apparently the world’s fastest broadband outside of Japan, it would be fast enough to suck down one of Apple TV’s high-definition movies in just a couple of minutes.

The bad news is that Virgin’s ‘wideband’ is only a trial for now with no projected launch date. Today’s Wi-Fi also couldn’t cope with these speeds, meaning you’d need to stay tethered to a Gigabit Ethernet connection to take advantage.

Still, Virgin is promising to extend its 50Mbps service, which is currently only available to a small number of testers, later this year, and O2 has already rolled out its 20Mbps offering. Sounds like we won't need to move to Korea after all.       

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