Video: Reviveaphone promises to bring your wet smartphone back from the dead

Inadvertently drowned your smartphone? Reviveaphone promises to resuscitate any water-damaged mobile – but does it actually work?


I actually used this kit after my phone fell out of ny pocket into a puddle of water.  The phone screen went green and then died.  After following the instructions I left the phone sealed in the air tight pack supplied for 48 hours.


Once I took the phone out and turned it on I still didnt have any power to the phone.  Thinking that was that and I would have to get a new one I put it back in thw pack with the silicone pouch and chucked it into the back of a draw.


I left it around 2 months until I decided to take it to a local repair centre.  Took it out of the pack and popped the battery in.  Much to my surprise when I pressed the power button the screen powered up and told me to insert my charger.  Having done this the phone has worked perfectly ever since.  

I am 100% certain that this kit saved my phone even if it didnt work in the time scale given.  If you have this same issue leave it in the pouch for a couple of weeks and then try.

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