Veglo Commuter X4: the brightest new idea for bike safety?

The shape of this fibre-optic light helps drivers just your distance more effectively, say makers

I already have lights on my bike
No diggity. But probably not like the Veglo Commuter X4. It’s a wearable light that has a unique shape which its creators say gives it an edge over traditional bike-mounted lights.

How so?
The X4 features four fibre optic lights meeting at a central LED hub. It’s a shape that’s easy to recognise for a driver behind your bike, and makes it easier for him or her to gauge your distance, width and speed. It also extends around the side of your body (or your backpack) to increase your visibility at junctions.

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And what are the technical aspects?
You charge the X4’s battery via USB; it comes with several flash and fade settings; it’s water resistant; it features reflective strips; and it can fit over backpacks 25 litres and smaller in size.

It looks quite familiar…
Veglo has already succeeded in funding mass production via a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, so that’s where you may have spotted it. The X4 will be in shops this winter (Veglo currently estimates that pre-orders will be shipping in October), and can be ordered from the company’s site. It’s £50, and UK shipping is free.

[Source: Veglo]