Ultimate setup: Sony PS4

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Magma Red controller (£50)

The PS4 controller is easily the best one Sony's ever put out, with all its previously niggles long forgotten and you'll definitely want another one for playing with your mates. They can have the standard black one while you take this fetching red one to assert your dominance.


PlayStation 4 Camera (£45)

Unlike the Xbox One's Kinect which is included with the console, PS4 owners will have to get the PS4 camera if they want to get in on the voice and motion-tracking action. From facial recognition to voice chat and 3D motion controls, the PlayStation 4 camera will unlock the PS4's full potential.


Gioteck RC-5 gaming chair (£140)

If you're going to go all out, then do it properly. Feel the rumble of tanks down your spine. Hear the bullets whizz past your ears. Have your backside nestling comfortably. This gaming chair can offer all this thanks to its integrated speakers and multiple inputs.


PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi (£170)

The Vita is now more powerful than ever, thanks to its ability to accept PS4 game streams. That means you can play PS4 games wherever you've got an internet connection, letting you harness all that lovely next-gen power in your pocket. It can also act as a second screen in supported games, which is another tasty bonus.


Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard (£30)

No matter how good the DualShock 4 controller is, it's still a a pain browsing the web with it. This wireless Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad combo will cure your woes, letting you surf in style and comfort. You can even fire off emails and message people without the hassle of a clunky on-screen keyboard in between fragging sessions, if you like.


LG NB4530A soundbar (£280)

This soundbar is simpler to setup than a 5.1 surround system and produces detailed sound and punchy bass when combined with the sub, despite its thin design. Plug in and let your ears do the rest.


B&W MT-50 5.1 speaker package (£1,090)

This 5.1 surround sound package manages to pack in some massively impressive sound into some deceptively small speakers which won't dominate your gaming lounge. they're not just for looks though, and they'll let you hear the tinkle of every empty shotgun shell as they hit the floor, thanks to the crisp sound on offer.


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sony str-dn1040 (£495)

Sony's home cinema amp serves up punchy and dynamic sound while still managing to layer it with clear and subtle details to make the most out of your next-gen games. It can handle music too and its wireless connectivity options mean it's flexible.


Panasonic TX-P55VT65B (£1,900)

This beauty won What Hi-Fi's Best 55in+ Award 2013 thanks to its stunning screen, silky smooth motion and intuitive, easy-to-use smart features and punchy, rounded sound. Oh, and it comes with a Touch Pen for drawing moustaches on game characters. If you're into that sort of thing.


Sony KDL-32W653A (£370)

If your PS4 has been confined to the bedroom then fear not, for Sony's good-looking 32-incher is more than up to the task, thanks to its crisp, bright whites, clear picture and decent sound quality. Smart apps and online content are thrown in for good measure too.


Epson EH-TW6100 full HD projector (£1,300)

If you've got the space for it, you'll definitely want to invest in a projector for some awe-inspiring, immersive screen sizes. Epson's 3D-compatible offering boasts a bright 2,100 lumens bulb to stop sunlight from ruining your daytime fun. 


Turtle Beach PX4 (£150)

The PX4 is the only wireless headset that's compatible with the PS4 at launch and it packs in Dolby Surround Sound and dual-band Wi-Fi ot minimise interference. Dual-pairing Bluetooth means you can answer calls from your phone fluidly mid-game too.


Sony official DualShock4 controller charging dock (£25)

If you're a neat freak who's constantly wearing out the PS4 controller's batteries from marathon gaming sessions then we can't recommend this charging station enough. Tuck your faithful DualShock 4 controllers into their charging bed before you crash out and recharge your own batteries, ready for another busy day of gaming.


Western Digital 1TB hard drive (£60)

Despite having a 50GB hard drive, the PS4 only offers 408GB of space out of the box once it's OS and other bits and bobs have been taken into account. Given that games like NBA 2K14 and Battlefield 4 take up 42GB and 34GB of space respectively, you're definitely going to want to swap the stock hard drive out. This cheap and roomy Western Digital drive will get the job done just fine.


Turtle Beach P4C headset (£15)

If you've already got a thumping surround sound sound setup then it doesn't make much sense letting it go to waste. These headphones are made purely for chatting to and listening to your mates while you coordinate attacks, while still letting you hear every bullet and explosion through your existing speakers.


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