Ultimate setup: Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto 5 manual app (£Free)

Rockstar's abandoned the paper manuals of yore – a pity, because its tourist guides to GTA's funhouse-mirror versions of American cities were a highlight of the games. Fortunately, you can now grab the GTA 5 manual as an iOS app – complete with maps of Los Santos – or a desktop application for PC and Mac – other platforms, including Android version, are coming soon.

Get it here for iOS, PC and Mac

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Avermedia Game Capture HD (£80)

Preserve your five-star chases for posterity with the help of this handy gadget – it'll capture your gameplay in 1080i and save it as an H.264 MP4 file on either a 2.5in SATA hard drive or an external USB 2.0 drive – bear in mind you'll you'll need to supply the storage medium. If you can bear to wait, the Game Capture HD II is coming soon, adding HDMI connectivity and 1080p support.


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