Ultimate setup: Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online launches today – and we've rounded up the kit you need to make the most of its massive online world

Grand Theft Auto Online launches today – and if you want to rule the mean streets of Los Santos, you'll need to tool up.

We've picked out the best kit to build your criminal empire, from cans to controllers… 

Sennheiser X320 (£55)

Yes, the Sennheiser X320 may be a wired headset – but it delivers excellent bass-boosted sound quality, a noice-cancelling mic and controls for in-game and voice channels. And best of all, you can get it cheap – shop around and you can pick them up for absurdly low prices (£30 from Amazon, anyone?). They're designed for Xbox 360 owners; if you're gaming on a PS3, check out the U320s. 

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510

If you simply must cut the cord, the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 (£250 from game.co.uk) headset packs dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, plus an array of audio preset options to give you the edge over your enemies. You also get dynamic chat boost, to ensure that your crew mates can hear you over the sound of gunfire and screaming.

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X-Dream Rocker Ultra Wireless Gaming Chair (£300)

Park your behind in this geek throne and you'll be comfy for the duration of your marathon gaming session. It's got a built-in wireless stereo sound system and subwoofer, plus three vibration units to give you an extra buzz.


Razer Sabertooth Elite (£70)

When the bevy of buttons on your standard controller isn't enough, turn to this specced-up gaming goliath. It's wired, to reduce lag, and features an overhauled d-pad, plus an additional six programmable buttons to give you the edge over the competition. 


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