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It’s always tracking? Sounds tough on battery life

It can be, certainly. It’s an issue brought up by many Moves users. The makers advise you to charge your phone every night if you’re having Moves constantly tracking activity.

The iPhone 5S’ M7 motion coprocessor, which is able to track movement even when the phone is asleep, should help conserve power and Karjalainen tells us it’s “great news for [Moves] and activity tracking in general. It’s the approach to minimise battery use.” However, he notes that the M7 isn’t able to recognise cycling activity and for this reason (and the fact it is only currently available in one model of smartphone) future updates to Moves will take a hybrid approach that make use of both the M7 and Moves’ own tracking tech.

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Anything else I should know?

The iOS version of Moves recently added cross-device user accounts (previously data was restricted to a single device, although it could be exported manually) and integration into a number of third-party apps. These features, along with calorie use data, should arrive on the Android version soon.

You can download Moves free-of-charge for iOS here and Android here.