The Tron light cycle is (almost) real - meet the Lotus C-01

This isn't a motorbike. It's a work of art that just happens to pack in a 200hp, 1.2-litre V-twin engine

The light cycle is real! Light races!
Steady on. Deep breaths. While the Lotus C-01 superbike is designed by Daniel Simon (the same man who conceptualised the light cycles in the sci-fi flick), it sadly won't spew light trails.

sadface.jpg. Sounds boring now.
Not if you’re a biker fanatic. Straddle its 1195cc 75-degree short-stroke V-Twin engine between your legs, and you’ll feel the raw power of this monster emanate throughout your body. Just lie across the bike, hear the engine roar, and gear up for the race of your life.

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Hang on. Rewind. Lotus makes bikes?
Sort of. Lotus isn’t directly manufacturing the C-01. It's a collaboration between motorsport veterans and Kodewa, who's known for its expertise in racecar building. But forget the details - you'll be able to tell people you own a Lotus. That's what counts.

I presume it's rather nippy round the track?
Just a little. Its 200 horsepower means engine means it's devilishly fast, and you can expect a smooth ride thanks to the two remote reservoir shock absorbers too. It's got three tantalising colour options too, slathered with Lotus branding.

I'm not going to be able to afford this, am I?
There’ll only be 100 C-01s for purchase, so we're probably looking at a second mortgage price tag. Lotus hasn't revealed the details yet, but if you’ve deep pockets then head on over to the Lotusforums and keep an eye on its availability.

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