From Transformers to Care Bears: The 10 best toys of the 1980s

7. Masters of the Universe (First appearance: 1982)

In hindsight, there’s something odd about Masters of the Universe, where suspiciously muscle-bound men run about the place in furry pants, hitting each-other with swords. But with spring-based action-punches and a diverse array of characters in the toy line, heroic He-Man, hapless evil Skeletor, and their various comrades, captured the imagination of countless children.

Masters of the Universe

If anything, though, the line aimed at girls of the day, She-Ra: Princess of Power, was superior. It ambitiously aimed to gel Barbie with He-Man’s fantasy world, but placed the heroes in a subversive underdog role, battling a tyrannical despot, Hordak.

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