Touch Slab: the trackpad for tree-huggers

No, it's not a chopping board – Oreé has created the wooden equivalent of Apple’s Magic Trackpad

If you’re in the market for a trackpad that offers something a little more warm, a little more old-fashioned, a little more… rustic than the sleek industrial design of the likes of the Apple Magic Trackpad, we’ve found just the thing: the Oreé Touch Slab.

It’s a smooth wooden trackpad that works in much the same way as Apple’s device, connecting wirelessly to your Windows or Mac computer via Bluetooth and allowing you to use multi-touch gestures. The makers claim it will recognise the same commands the Magic Trackpad does.

Aging gracefully

On the design front, the Touch Slab is made from a single piece of wood (you have a choice of either walnut or maple), hollowed out to accommodate a capacitive touch sensor and the necessary circuitry and then sealed with another layer of wood. It should age a lot more gracefully than most pieces of technology.

It’s available for pre-order now, priced at €150 (£125). Orders will begin shipping from 21st October.

The Touch Slab is designed to be an ideal companion to the Oreé Board, a Bluetooth keyboard already available (again, for €150).

[Oreé via Wired]

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