Magic brooms and murderous robot bears: the wackiest games of Tokyo Game Show 2013

Danganronpa 1.2 Reload (PS Vita)

What Is It?

Danganronpa 1.2 Reload (PS Vita)

A murder mystery adventure game that combines a unique 2.5D motion graphic art style with a dark plot. Fifteen students are trapped in Hope’s Peak Academy and, according to a talking robot bear called Monokuma, they can only get out by killing one of their own and covering up their tracks. Players unravel the story through the eyes of the student Makoto as they have to solve murders through investigation and clue-gathering, with each case’s culprit decided through a class trial.

If players guess the culprit's identity correctly during a class trial, he or she will be executed for disrupting the sanctity of the academy. Fail, and the killer walks scot-free while everyone else gets the axe.

Dating game elements also creep in; Makoto can hang out with the remaining students, bond with them via conversations and gift-giving. Picture the Ace Attorney adventure game series combined with anime high school tropes and the 'whodunnit' aspects of Saw, and that’s Danganronpa in a nutshell.

Chances of seeing it outside Japan?

So far it's a resounding “no”. Despite (or more likely because of) its unconventional elements, there haven't been any publishers from North America or Europe willing to take a punt on this niche title. However, the game’s publisher Nippon Ichi said during a TGS 2013 press event that the American branch will announce something really soon, so Western gamers could be tussling with murderous robot bears before too long.

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