Three dimensional calories: This 3D printer ditches plastic for melted chocolate

We're one step closer to the chocolate house of our dreams

Yes. So much yes.
Ah, a fellow chocolate connoisseur. We share your excitement, and with good reason. 

This glorious shiny machine above is the Choc Creator V2. It's a 3D printer which uses melted chocolate instead of plastic, pumping it out of a nozzle with enough precision to make even the most skilful of master chocolatiers jealous.

From 2D patterns to fully edible 3D models, it takes chocolate crafting to a whole new level. 

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V2… I'm assuming this is the second version then?
Spot on Sherlock. Version two of the Choc Creator builds upon the world's first commercially available 3D printer with a larger, heated syringe.

Three dimensional calories: This 3D printer ditches ink for melted chocolate

The in-built heating element keeps the tempered chocolate at just the right temperature to prevent it from solidifying (around 30-32°C), letting it carry on printing for longer.

Longer printing times mean larger, more intricate designs. Which ultimately means more delicious chocolate can be stuffed into our gaping maws at any one time.

I will own this. I don't care how, but it will be the centrepiece of my kitchen.
Then you'd better start saving. You can pre-order the Choc Creator V2 now, but it'll set you back a hefty £3,888. And that doesn't include the chocolate.

But that shouldn't stop you. Save, scrounge and pinch every penny you can, and soon a solid chocolate Death Star could be all yours. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

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