Telewest TVdrive review

4 stars
a month
This PVR comes with a 160GB hard disk, providing enough space for 80 hours of normal telly or 20 hours of HD

While we were waiting for Sky to launch its HD TV box, Telewest charged in early like a horny rhino in mating season. And good on it, we say.

Erase and rewind

It fires out HD in both 720p (progressive scan at 1280x720 pixels) and 1080i (interlaced at 1920x1080 pixels). The 720p picture is particularly stunning: no fuzzy or jagged edges, and although solid areas of colour can look a bit grainy, they do appear to jump out of the screen.

Triple tuned

The TVDrive is also bang up to date with three tuners, so you can record two different channels while watching a third. Setting a recording is a piece of cake and playback controls are much like you’d get on a bog-standard DVD player.

Plus, if you still manage to fall foul of the recording button, the Replay service will save the day, letting you watch any show you’ve missed.


Telewest TVdrive

Telewest brings us a cable PVR of the highest calibre.
Telewest TVdrive review
4 stars
From £10.00
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